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Why Nature's Select

Service Dogs Prefer Nature’s Select

Nature’s Select is a proud sponsor of the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind and America’s VetDogs. Both of these organizations provide Nature’s Select Pet Food to their dogs at their training facilities in upstate New York and are seeing wonderful results! We love what the Guide Dog Foundation and America’s VetDogs stand for: we believe in their values and their mission to help those in need to live an independent lifestyle through the help of a guide dog or service dog trained specifically to meet their needs.

The Guide Dog Foundation and America’s VetDogs have had the pleasure of working in partnership with Nature’s Select for many years. There are many dog food companies to choose from, but Nature’s Select really stands out from the crowd. We feed Nature’s Select to the hundreds of dogs who stay in our Training Center every year and we could not be happier with the experience.

First and foremost, we feed Nature’s Select because of the high-quality ingredients provided in the food. In addition, anyone who manages a kennel knows that even the most carefully designed kennel can be a stressful place to stay. And when dogs get stressed, they can have loose stool or diarrhea. Our organization has done on-site testing of dozens of dog foods over the years, and Nature’s Select is the only formula of food that has drastically reduced the incidence of ‘messy poop’ among our population of dogs. Our dogs eat their Nature’s Select Classic Recipe with gusto, and they maintain weight well on daily recommended portions. The combination of quality, palatability, and effectiveness in a sometimes-stressful kennel environment make Nature’s Select products a top choice for our organization.

Grete Eide, Chief Canine Pet Officer, Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind/America’s VetDogs

"Service dogs require healthy nutrition to ensure they can perform their job effectively, and the Select Classic Recipe makes this possible. These dogs do so much for retired veterans in need!"

- America's VetDogs

"The dogs in training eat Nature’s Select and the results have been incredible! These are working dogs and it's imperative they get the best nutrition."

- Next Step Service Dogs

"My partner, K-9 Puskas, has been on the Select Plus Recipe for awhile now and it has done wonders for his joints. He needs to be healthy so he can perform his job daily."

- Officer Luis Galeana